On the home straight

It is now Thursday morning. I am drained from referencing all of my work. Now I need to print out my photoshop work, email it to my teacher, and finish of my sketchbook. At the minute I am feeling quite confident that it is nearly done. I cannot wait to hand it all in and be free. I will print things now and then work on my sketch book for a few hors. This has been the most difficult assignment for me so far, I have felt that there has been a lot of work involved. I am very happy that it is all nearly over.



Will tomorrow be the day?

It’s a Wednesday night. I have completed all of the photoshop elements for my assignment. At the minute I am trying to Harvard reference my images. There is a lot of them. I hate referencing my work, and I have a good way to go.

Ideally, I would love to finish my referencing tonight. This would mean that I have all day tomorrow to finish my sketchbook and print out my assignment. The work is not due until Friday, but I usually prefer to hand my work in on the Thursday. I am slightly confident that I will get it all completed on time. My friends are looking to go out on Thursday night, so fingers crossed I can open my bottle of Jim Beam and join them. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be done looking through grunge images and I will have started drinking. 🙂

The 40% alcohol is the only thing that is getting me through Harvard referencing at the minute. I will log on tomorrow to report whether or not I have reached my goal. Over and out.

Countdown to Friday

I am not a designer or a blogger, but for the benefit of my coursework I have to be. In the degree I am studying (Fashion Management) design is my worst subject. I would love to be good at drawing, but I lack the skills. I do try my best though :).

For this assignment, a blog is needed to mark my progress. As you can read, I am only starting this blog on Tuesday. The deadline is Friday. Whilst I know that blogging is a good hobby to have in the fashion industry, I have not found the time until now to start one. Rome was not built in a day, and if my blog continues through the course, hopefully it will get better.

The assignment is due on Friday, and I cannot wait to hand it in and be free from work for a while. At the minute, I mostly have work to finish in photoshop. I have just finished a final design drawing, on a model. I will scan this into photoshop tomorrow and color it in. The design element of the class is fine for me, but when i try to communicate my designs to paper my lack of drawing skills is made clear. However, i have completed 20 drawings for the assignment. Once I finish my work on photoshop I mostly have work to do on my sketchbook. This is a hardback book full of images to inspire my designs. The theme of my book is grunge.

I will be back on again tomorrow to mark my progress once more.